Residential Windows, Home Window Repair...

Fort Myers residents know that A-Rite Glass is the area expert for all residential and home windows, window repair, and more. By offering premium replacement glass for your home's windows and quality repairs, people all over the Ft. Myers area have come to trust A-Rite with all their residential glass needs. From repairing the foggy windows in your home to adding new custom door walls and sliding glass doors, our products and services are guaranteed to please you, and anyone else who might come to your home.

Sliding Glass Doors...

A-Rite Glass makes it easy for you to add a stylish door wall or sliding glass door to your Fort Myers home. With a variety of frames to match the style of the room's decor and a wide selection of glass options and styles, we're sure to make your sliding glass door a perfect match to your taste. Adding a sliding glass door to a room in your home will not only add some elegance to the room, but will also greatly increase the light.

Selecting the Right Glass for Your Sliding Glass Door

When installing or repairing a sliding glass door or door wall, it's important to insist on the best type of glass. A-Rite Glass offers quality door wall construction and repair using glass that suits our Fort Myers customers the best: Impact Glass and Insulated Glass.


Impact Glass is a special kind of safety glass that's designed to withstand impacts, eliminating the need for shutters. When you get impact glass from A-Rite, you'll have confidence that when the next big storm comes, your home will be ready to withstand severe winds and debris.


Insulated glass, another popular choice, can be selected for larger windows and doors and will help regulate the temperature inside the room. Insulated glass is actually two pieces of glass that are seperated by a space with a sealed paremeter. Insulated glass is a great option for rooms that face the sun and can greatly reduce your energy costs.